Claes Nordin

In my bag


Star Destroyer

Star Corvette

Star Teebird

Star TL3

Star Firebird


KC Roc

DX Roc


Dx Piranha

Dx Aviar Putt&Approach


Follow your instincts and turn off your mind to feel at one with the course.

Memorable wins


Gold Swedish Championships Junior

- Unfortunately I barely remember any competitions or wins from the 90's but this one stands out.

Gold 360 Open Slottsskogen

- Same goes with the 00's but I've seen some coverage on youtube for this particular competition. Apparently I was pretty bad ass for beating all of the west coast legends taking part.
- Second competition since my "comeback". I didn't play exceptionally well but I was happy to see that my mental game was strong enough to take a win. Gave me a lot of inspiration for a coming pretty harsh off-season containing elbow surgery and six months of rehab training.


Driving Accuracy 85%
Tiger Lines 90%
Känsla för FEELING 100%

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